Good Governance 

Activities and Services

The Good Governance Program operates to promote good governance at the local and national levels. The program trains community leaders on fundamental rights, the principles of good governance, advocacy skills and relevant laws. Through such trainings CLEC supports networks across communities and empowers target groups so they have the tools to persuade decision-makers and duty-bearers to protect their rights. These activities are conducted as publicly as possible through community training, public forums and media campaigns.

Further the Good Governance Program works to increase the awareness of local and national institutions regarding the need to adopt and adhere to laws that promote good governance. The primary activities include training elected local representatives on the interplay between the concepts of human rights and the rule of law, the roles and responsibilities of citizens and duty-bearers and principles of good governance. This takes place in local and national workshops, seminars, conferences and roundtables that inform lawmakers of relevant international standards.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the good governance program will use impact litigation to challenge the abuses of power, arbitrary enforcement of laws.