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2014-08-18   CLEC

In June 2014 the IOM and Cambodian government tracked an exodus of more than 200,000 migrant workers crossing the border from Thailand back into Cambodia. The mass migration came on the heels of political disruption and rumored violence against Cambodians in Thailand. More than 50% of those returning were illegal or undocumented migrants, and less than one month later many were already claiming they had plans to return to Thailand as soon as possible. The event has raised many questions amongst aid groups and migration experts; namely, how the Cambodian government can help to ensure that their migrants are better protected in the future.


2014-08-14   CLEC

We, CLEC, condemn the violent dispersal of approximately 50 fellow villagers from Lor Peang community, who had begun their 70 km peaceful march from Kampong Chhnang province to Phnom Penh on 12 August 2014.


2014-05-29   CLEC

This week high level discussions took place between representatives of the de-facto government and major international brands sourcing Cambodian garments. As the trial of the 23 approaches, the message communicated was clear: "due to [the] reaction of consumers and the disruption to production and shipping caused by continued unrest, Cambodia [is] at risk of losing its status as a strategic sourcing market, with an impact on future investment and growth." (Brand and union statement issued May 27, 2014)


2014-04-04   CLEC

And we call on international brands such as Adidas, Puma and Nike to take concrete measures to address wages that currently do not satisfy basic needs nor provide for a life with human dignity.


2014-02-19   CLEC

February 20, 2014 is the annual World Day of Social Justice instituted by the United Nations to promote equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities to all. The day is dedicated to showing support for international efforts toward poverty eradication, the promotion of full employment and decent work, gender equity and access to social well-being and justice for all.


2013-10-29   CLEC

Upon returning to Cambodia, the Community Legal Education Center (CLEC) expresses its grave concern for the health of Cambodian garment worker Ms. Sry Ratha, who is currently detained in Kluang prison, Johor, Malaysia. After failing an annual health test Ratha’s visa was cancelled and she was subsequently arrested and detained on 9 September, 2013.    


2013-10-01   CLEC

The Community Legal Education Center (CLEC) would like to express its serious concern regarding the arrest of Ms. Sry Ratha on September 9, 2013 and her subsequent detainment in Kluang Prison.


2013-06-21   CLEC

Again former the Bavet Governor, Chhouk Bandith failed to appear in court to face charges for the brutal shooting of three Cambodian garment workers in February 2012. Last week, Bandith was tried in absentia on 12-14 June, 2013. During the three day hearing nineteen witnesses were called, eighteen of those were police officers.


2013-05-16   CLEC

Only hours after international brands signed onto the Bangladesh Building and Fire Safety Agreement, a building collapse at Asics supplier, Wing Star Shoes Co. Ltd has claimed the lives of at least 3 Cambodian garment workers, injured at least 10 and left many more unaccounted for.


2013-05-02   CLEC

The Community Legal Education Center (CLEC) would like to express its extreme dissatisfaction with the current result of garment industry wage negotiations. Further, CLEC commends the draft law put forward by Opposition lawmaker, Mr. Son Chhay which proposes a monthly minimum wage of US$150 for Cambodian garment workers. We support and commend the draft as a prominent step towards the institution of a living wage in Cambodia. Further, in light of the upcoming election we encourage trade confederations to help their members to familiarize themselves with the proposed legislation and the benefits it would provide them.


2013-04-26   CLEC

The Community Legal Education Center (CLEC) shares our deepest sorrows and sadness with the factory workers and factory workers' families for their loss and suffering experienced in this tragic time. We condemn the utter disregard taken towards the health and safety of the factory workers in the factories housed in the Rana Plaza building in Savar, Bangladesh, a suburb of the Bangladesh capital of Dhaka. 


2013-02-27   CLEC

The Community Legal Education Center (CLEC) would like to express its concern for the health and well-being of workers at Kingsland Garment Cambodia Ltd. Yesterday, workers issued a letter to Walmart and H&M representatives informing that they will commence a hunger strike on Thursday, 28 February, 2013.


2013-02-07   CLEC

The Community Legal Education Center (CLEC) toughly condemns the violent crackdown on the peaceful strike at E-Garment factory on Wednesday 6 February, 2013. At 10am, striking workers at the factory located in Kandal Province were attacked by 30 military police officers. Seven of the women workers were injured. One woman who is 5 months pregnant had to be taken to hospital for treatment.


2013-01-30   CLEC

The Community Legal Education Center (CLEC) and the Workers Information Center (WIC) are appalled at the response from international retail giants, Walmart and H&M, who refuse to accept any responsibility for the almost US$200,000 in lost wages and indemnity owed to former employees Kingsland Garment (Cambodia) Ltd.


2013-01-19   CLEC

On January 18, international human rights and labor groups released at statement expressing support and seeking redress for some 200 garment workers locked in a dispute with Kingsland Garment Cambodia Ltd., a supplier of the global clothing brands Walmart and H&M. The workers are owed approximately $200,000 in wages and indemnity by Kingsland, a Hong Kong-based company.


2012-12-11   CLEC

According to reports of a meeting between officials from Thailand and Cambodia the Thai Ministry of Labor confirmed preparations were underway to urgently deport 165,000 Cambodian migrant workers who have not completed the National Verification Process prior to December 14, 2012.


2012-11-22   CLEC

Last week on 15 November, 2012, the Community Legal Education Center (CLEC) monitored yet another incident of mass fainting in the Cambodian garment industry. Over two days more than 140 Cambodian garment workers fainted in factories located in Phnom Penh’s, Vattanac Industrial Park II. Among the factories implicated were Moha Garments Co. Ltd, Dongdu Textile (Cambodia) Co. Ltd, Papillion Textile (Cambodia) Co. Ltd and Newpex Co. Ltd.


2012-09-06   CLEC

As a victim of labor trafficking, Sokleang is not in a proper mental state. She was a normal girl before working as a maid in Malaysia in 2005. Sokleang was 15 years old when she was recruited for domestic work. 


2012-08-30   CLEC

ILO – Better Factories Cambodia to keep brands accountable for poverty wages

New report Clean Clothes Campaign and Community Legal Education Center evaluates decade of Better Factories Cambodia


2012-05-08   CLEC

Those workers unlawfully removed by Phatthana staff report they were persuaded by fraudulent phone calls from Phatthana office staff, required to pay fees of up to and exceeding 6,000 baht, and consequently smuggled into Thailand illegally without documentation of any kind


2012-01-25   CLEC

CLEC staff yesterday monitored the incidents of fainting at the King First Industrial Co. Ltd factory after yet another spate of mass fainting in Cambodian garment workers. 


2011-05-01   CLEC

Currently, the gap between the minimum wage and Asia Floor Wage is almost 1:2, in the best case scenario – showing that the minimum wage is far from a minimum living wage.

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