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Land is the life of Charai indigenous 

2013-03-12 - CLEC

On 12 March 2013, with a ritual ceremony the villagers of Kong Yu, Pate commune, O’ Yadav district of Ratanakiri set up a banner as mean to push the court to solve the problem of land dispute involving in Mrs. Keat Kolny, sister of HE Keat Chhun. Villagers filed a complaint at Ratanakiri court several years ago.

The banner read: Why there is no justice for Kong Yu community? The Court should resolve the complaints filed by our community as soon and fair as possible. Our community has complained to the court since January 23, 2007. It has been 2240 day now. In 2004, 450 hectares of Kong Yu community’s land was grabbed by a business person for rubber plantation using purchase-sale contracts without real consent from the community, while the community has agreed to only about 50 hectares of the community’s land for building residence for the disabled soldiers of Prime Minister Hun Sen. Now, the rubber produces resin, but the dispute of land of the community has not been resolved.

Land is the life of Charai indigenous!

The community also prays for their ancestors to curse anyone who is going destroy their banner, because they already had such experience in the past when their banner was destroyed in the next morning.

Please note that so far there has been no judge who can confirms to deal with the case.