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Strike at SA One Garments Limited factory 

2012-12-03 - CLEC

On December 1, 2012, garment factory workers from SA One Garments Limited factory in the Khan Dangkor section of Phnom Penh went on strike due to harsh factory conditions and oppressive actions taken by the Malaysian based factory owners.  SA One produces numerous styles of clothing and apparel for Puma Corp.  as well as other international clothing companies.  

The strike was spurred on when the factory workers attempted to form a union and the union president, vice-president, secretary, and several other union activists were dismissed from their contracts.  The dismissal came just over two weeks after the union elections had commenced on October 28, 2012.  

Currently, the workers and the union are continuing to strengthen since the start of the strike.  The union member percentage was around 30% during the initial elections and has grown to an estimated 60-70% of the factory workers now involved in the strike.  The union is currently in arbitration with the factory owners in hopes of reaching an agreement over their demands.  The union's demands are as follows:


  1. The employer shall pay the appropriate wage and other benefits for the duration of the strike;
  2. The employer shall not deduct any wages for workers that worked on Sunday and the national holiday;
  3. The employer shall only deduct the attendance bonus in proportion to the time requested off, i.e. $10 for 26 days of work equals $0.384 per day off;
  4. The employer shall not force overtime and overtime shall be based upon a volunteer basis only;
  5. The employer shall pay 1,000 Riel per hour for food allowance for overtime worked;
  6. The employer shall allow a 15-minute break for food and refreshment for every two hours of overtime worked;
  7. The employer shall provide food allowance every week opposed to current payment of food allowance every month;
  8. The employer shall pay a food allowance of 2000 Riel for overtime worked on Sunday;
  9. The employer shall give one-day paid leave per month for female workers when pregnant to get a medical checkup without affecting their attendance bonus;
  10. The employer shall pay 50% of the workers monthly wage to female workers for maternity leave and payment shall be for a 90 day period in calculation with the workers wage for the last twelve months in accordance with the labor law;
  11. The employer shall provide a medical physician at the factory daily;
  12. The employer shall not dock the workers' attendance bonus for days in which the worker is sick and the worker shall receive pay for sick leave.