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Mass Termination and Mass Fainting 

2013-09-05 - CLEC

The Community Legal Education Center (CLEC) strongly condemns the actions of the owners of SL Garment Processing (Cambodia) Ltd who yesterday terminated approximately 1,000 employees seeking to increase wage, end intimidation and better their working conditions.

Whilst mass terminations occurred at SL, another bout of mass fainting was taking place at Wanshen Clothing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. Approximately 47 workers lost consciousness due to dangerous working conditions, fatigue and malnutrition.

This is indicative of the Cambodian garment industry - exploitation of marginalized workers and persecution of those trying to improve conditions for themselves and others.  

SL Garment experienced its own incidents of mass fainting in January when more than 90 workers lost consciousness. The current demands of the local trade union seek to address the exploitation and malnutrition that triggered those incidents. However, as is now typical in Cambodia they have been met with nothing but persecution.

CLEC strongly condemns the terminations which do nothing but place further stress on already strained industrial relations in the garment industry and limit collective bargaining.

We call for intervention from sourcing companies H&M, Levis, GAP and Zara. 

For too long the Cambodian government has sanctioned the persecution of trade union leaders and corruption in place of living wage. 

What is worse, widespread irregularities during the recent election have robbed Cambodian garment workers of their opportunity to vote to change those existing policies and practices. This cycle of intimidation and exploitation must stop.  

For more information please contact:

  •  Mr. Tola Moeun, Head of Labor Program, +855 66 777 056
  •  Mr. Joel Preston, Consultant, +855 66 777 037     

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